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Each group comprises of approximately 15 owner-managers of participant companies led by two executives from PLATO parent companies and a group Coordinator.   Each group meets once a month to address an agreed range of management ang growth issues. The Group may decide additional guest speakers, further customsed group training and one-to-one mentoring is required.

Discussions which form a central part of each meeting, allow group members to compare experiences and jointly consider individual problems. The process is at all times directed by SME managers which ensure that it is directly relevant and applicable to the challenges faced by small business. Group meetings are complemented by mentoring on an individual basis by the PLATO Managers/Consultants and executives from PLATO parent companies. Periodically more formal training seminars, involve participants from all PLATO groups and the wider network.

Therefore within a PLATO network, managers of small companies have an opportunity to access training, to get advice and assistance from specialists in large companies, to share experiences and therefore learn from one another. They can also access information and develop effective support structures and sounding boards for making management decisions. Additional training customised to company needs within the groupings may need to be provided on demand and may include for example topics such as:

Management and Leadership skills

Marketing and social media

Financial management

Legal and cross-border taxation

Human resources

Planning and business improvement

Entering new markets and Exporting

Production and Process

Innovation and Entrepreneurship


As the relationships grow in a PLATO network, so do the range of commercial opportunities that arise from business linkages. There are opportunities to share resources e.g. information, staff, premises or equipment, to acquire new customers and suppliers or pursue joint ventures. As a result, many PLATO companies have developed new business relationships through the PLATO network.

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    We are fully subscribed for the Ashbourne Group in Meath, if interested in other regions, apply now if interested

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